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About Me

Sherman D'Silva

1916 Clement Street

San Francisco, CA 94121



Phone: 415-269-1889

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"San Francisco is the most beautiful city in world". That's what Sherman always proclaim. Sherman D'silva attended schools right here in the Richmond District. Since he is a native San Franciscan, it is only natural that he loves this city by the bay. 

Over the years residing in San Francisco's Richmond District, he noticed the deterioration of the city and the once beautiful place where he grew up, wasn't as it was before. Graffiti, vandalism, garbage littered all over the streets, and ridiculous traffic congestion all plagued the city he loved so much. 

"Everyone else here bears with it, so why not me also?" This is what he thought, but that changed one day. While doing a delivery for his store, a pedestrian crossing the street was struck by a car, on Geary Boulevard, right in front of his eyes. Geary Blvd has been a notoriously dangerous street for pedestrians for decades, but this unfortunate accident could have been prevented if more traffic lights were present. It was a this point that Sherman decided to run for Supervisor of the Richmond district. 

"Government's first and foremost responsibility is the safety of it's citizens. If they won't do it, I'll get in there and do it."

That's what Sherman said. He is not a career politician. He just wants get the position and fix the problems. He is not party affiliated and does not accept donations for his campaign for Richmond District Supervisor. Sherman is happily married with a loving daughter, Sherri. He wishes Sherri can grow up and see the beauty of San Francisco they way he did. If you believe in him, please volunteer your time and help spread the word. 



Life long Richmond District resident

Works in the Richmond District
Native San Franciscan, born and raised in SF


San Francisco Unified School District
Sutro Elementary
Presidio Middle School
George Washington High School
San Francisco State University

San Francisco State University 
BA Business Administration - Accounting
BS Asian American Studies


Manager (Shermsonia Cleaners)


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